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Our process

The way we guide you to success.

Study need

Our sales people are responsible for understanding and studying your needs, which will allow you to draw the specifications reflecting your project and offer the product that suits you.


In the case where the product is not part of our standard range or some features are not, our design office is responsible for designing the machine according to the criteria defined by the specifications, resulting in a 3D design as well as 2D plans.


The manufacturing phase makes it possible to anchor your project in the real world. The materials are chosen so that the product is solid and hard in time and the assembly is done rigorously to avoid any defects.


All our products undergo a test phase ranging from 2 to 3 weeks in order to guarantee its proper functioning.


Once the machine is delivered, our technicians take care of the start up as well as the training of the different users.


Our technician team works with you to provide you with the spare parts and assistance you need for any problems.

About Us

  • Located in the economical heart of Europe in France, Mecasoft is specialized in production of automatic coiler and other related plastic extrusion equipment since 1985.

    Thanks to our manufacturing process, our products are able to give, for our customers, reliability, performance and flexibility as well as the after-sales services who built up the company's reputation through the years.

    Standard or customized, a Mecasoft's products will improve your production process with sustained profitability and security.



  • The history of the Mecasoft company begins in October 1985 in Sengern at the end of the Upper Florival Valley.
    The pionners Mr Theo Lingelser and Mr Jean-Luc Redomier create their company.

    The company will offer automation and numerical controls for machine tools.
    At that time, the idea was to respond to specific requests and to specialize in designing custom-made machines.
    There was no question of standardizing these products, the philosophy was to listen to customers and to produce innovative products.
    The first orders ranged from the construction of a numerically controlled tube drilling belt to electronic programs for machining units.
    Then quickly the first automatic coiling machine of plastic pipes was born in a market where everything was done so far manually or semi-automatically.
    Too narrow in Sengern, the assembly of the first coilers was done in an itinerant way and the decision to move to more suitable premises in Soultz Haut-Rhin was compulsory in 1991.

    Since then, Mécasoft has continued to innovate by offering tailor-made products as well as standard products and implements all the necessary means to meet the specific needs of its customers.
  • Optional coiler equipment :
    •    - Central adjustment for fast setting
    •    - MED 2 option for remote intervention with the software
    •    - Twine blowing option on ED coilers
    •    - Wire Inserter
    •    - End caps fitting on EDL and ESL coilers
    •    - Automatic labelling devices :
    •        - Plastic labels inserted in strap
    •        - Adhesive labels for machine with stretch film
    •    - Post coiling equipment:
    •        - Coils collecting trolleys
    •        - Automatic palletisation

    Other extrusion line equipment :
    •    - Automatic coupling fitting machines for corrugated pipe bars. The MA machines fit couplings only and are dedicated to double wall cable conduits of 50 to 250 mm OD while the MJ machines fit both profiled seals and couplings and are dedicated to corrugated sewer pipe of 250 to 1000 mm OD.
    •    - Automatic pipe controller using AI
    •    - Haul off fitted with your needs
    •    - Automatic decoiler and rope storage reel


Some of Our Machines

Annelé / Drain


Mécasoft offers its automatic rewinders designed to adapt to the powerful extrusion lines of corrugated pipes.


Smooth pipe

The coiling of smooth pipes requires a high rigidity of the winder and a safe winding of the tube. Mécasoft offers a set of machines that have proved their efficiency by a quality winding.
Gaine éléctrique

Electric sheath

The single coilers type EZ or double coilers type EDI are dedicated to the production of electrical conduit coils.

Our products

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